Waco, Texas : Our Road Trip with Jesus

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way. -Psalm 37:23



On April 9th, 2018 Juan and I left our apartment at 4am and set on a 19 hour journey to Dallas, Texas. This was our first road trip together and a beautiful birthday present from the Lord. There are a series of events that happened which lead to this journey to Dallas; I guess to explain it all I should start from the beginning. Last April Juan was lead to help a friend move from Michigan to California; this opportunity to drive to California happened within a 5 minute phone conversation and answered prayer to our friend. While Juan was in California the Lord began stirring my heart for California. Not to mention Cali happens to be the birthplace of Juan and I and the place we always thought we'd move our family to "one day". I began seeing signs and wonders after praying about California, and even my husband felt in his spirit that he had been sent back home. After a week when he came back we prayed for an open door and sign from the Lord make it to California. 

After months of trying to find rentals, jobs, and an open door to California nothing happened! What I later realized almost a year after was that, yes the Lord spoke a promise of California to our family, it was NEVER confirmed of when. I became so wrapped up in a vision that I  started to become disconnected with what God wanted to do in our lives NOW! Im so thankful that God is so patient with us! Im so thankful for every closed door, we actually were planning to travel to California on April 9th and I am so thankful that God re-routed our plans! Oh thank you JESUS!

After a prophetic dinner with our friends Johnathon and Bianca Russo in February 2018 everything began to unravel, our future became so clear and the Holy Spirit spoke directly to our hearts and for the first time in a while I allowed his words to become truth in my heart, I threw in the towel and decided from that day forward the only path I will walk in is the one laid out before me, directed by the Lord. I remember getting home from that dinner and falling to my knees in surrender and the presence of God filled our apartment as we wept and prayed Gods will ONLY into our lives. The next day I asked the Lord what are we to do with the week we planned for a vacation, if we are not going to California, I prayed for a vacation that would strengthen our walk with the Lord.

Two days later, I received an email from Lifestyle Christianity a ministry Ive followed for a while led by evangelist and speaker Todd White (now Ive been receiving these emails for about two years, I promise you this is the first one I opened) about a Power and Love Conference in Dallas,Texas for the exact week we planned our vacation, my body shook and the Holy Spirit said GO! My husband confirmed and we began to seek the Lord wholeheartedly as numerous times it was confirmed to GO!

So here we are April 9th, 2018 leaving our apartment at 4am on an 19 hour journey to Dallas,Texas! This was our first road trip together and felt like a second honeymoon. On the drive down we worshipped, watched sermons, stopped only three times for Chick-Fil-A, and had a few panic attacks! Yes, for the last three years I have suffered from severe anxiety and phobia of driving on the highway, so the road down was rough at times. Thankfully my husband constantly prayed over me and at every stop Jesus had a gift for us, signs and wonders on license plates, stores we stopped at, or people we would encounter.

Finally we made it Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas checked into our hotel and probably had the best sleep of our lives. The next morning surprisingly we awoke pretty early in anticipation of our first day in Texas! Leaving a snow storm in Michigan and awaking to 80 degree weather was the perfect way to start this trip! My sweet Juan planned the entire day out for us, we headed on a two and a half hour journey to Waco, Texas and stepped into an answered prayer and dream at The Silos: Magnolia!!! 




Pulling up to the Silos, I couldn't help but cry and praise God what he has done thru Chip and Joanna Gains. I started watching Fixer Upper right at season 1 and I only knew of one other person at the time that watched the show and loved it as much as I did.  It is a show that Juan and I enjoy together because of his finish carpentry background and dreams of flipping houses together one day and not to mention this humble couple loves the Lord! Fixer Upper quickly became an OVERNIGHT sensation in America!

Stepping into the dream that God has given Chip and Jo was unreal, everything was absolutely beautifully done with excellence and better than I could have ever imagined. The place was filled with about 300 people which we were told was a slow day. We spent a few hours hanging out, walking around, eating from the most delicious food trucks, and swinging on a wood swing as worship music filled the atmosphere throughout the Silos. 

Of course we visited the bakery which had the most incredible cupcakes we had ever tasted, shopped a ton at Magnolia Market and even took a trolly throughout downtown Waco. If I could have asked Jesus for a perfect day this would be it. Seeing people from all around the world gathering together, I realized that Chip and Jo have created a community. The Silos is a land of inspiration and as we sat on that wood swing we began to dream God sized dreams. We walked through a beautiful garden and immediately our wedding song began playing, in that moment I felt God. He led us there, a second honeymoon indeed; a moment where Juan and I felt like the only two humans on the planet. Thank you JESUS!

After spending a few hours at The Silos we traveled about 10 minutes up the road to the Magnolia Table restaurant and also to Clint Harps Carpentry shop. 

I'll leave you with this, not only was Waco and The Silos everything I imagined it to be and more, I realized our reason for being there was to gain the revelation of dreaming with God. The Silos started as a thought for Chip and Jo, which turned into a dream, a prayer, FAITH and God! I believe God is looking to birth every dream he has given us, but also daring us to dream bigger. There is nothing impossible with God, so if your dreams seem to big to happen then more than likely with your faith IT WILL HAPPEN! ha thats just how big and how great the God we serve is. God is constantly looking to partner with his sons and daughters giving us visions, and desires that only he can fulfill if you simply dare to dream.

I pray that not only are you inspired to dream with God, that thru this post you are inspired to live with God in everything you do. Include God in every plan and ask God to plan out vacations, and even your plan your day to day. I pray that right now your heart is stirred to sit before the Lord in surrender and in that very moment old dreams and desires begin fill your heart.  You are his daughter, heir to his Kingdom and worthy of all riches in Christ Jesus. Ask and seek the Lord in everything you do; your steps are ordered and you will be amazed with the dreams God has given you once you give him your yes! DREAM ON SISTER!