December 4th 2017: Partnering with the Prophetic

December 4th 2017 is a day that I will never forget, it started off as any other day but it is truly a marking defining day in my life and here we are an exact year later walking into a significant time of my life.....


December 4th 2017 was a Monday, I was in my normal routine of waking up to a cold winter day and lagging to work. My friend Brooke invited myself and two of our other friends Lindsey and Sierra over for dinner at her house and then to a worship night hosted by Annie Byrne and her team in her home in Rochester. I’m always up for a girls night especially with these three treasures the Lord has blessed me with. Our night was beautiful, Brooke cooked up a delicious pasta dinner and we sat around her dining table talking of our expectations for the night. I have heard many times of these profound worship nights, they were becoming pretty popular and I’ve heard friends speak of the powerful tangible presence of God during these nights. To me it was EXACTLY what I was looking for and craving; something new. 


I felt like my life needed some clear direction, my husband and I were serving full capacity in our church and enjoying it, but there were dreams and goals in our heart that seemed so hard to get to or even manageable that it seemed we had no clear direction or drive of where to go and what path to take. Yes we were spirit filled believers trusting God but living in apathy. I was truly hoping this worship night would revive something within us so I was very thankful that my husband was able to meet us there. 


Brooke, Sierra, Lindsey and I walked into this beautiful cozy home where there were at least 40 people gathering and fellow shipping. Instantly I felt so welcomed and there was an expectation and hunger in the air, it was infectious! I instantly became so thankful and excited to be in this room pursuing the presence of God with everyone else in this room. This night was perfect, the worship was spontaneous and hosted the presence of God in every melody. There was freedom, joy and so much peace. As the worship began to come to a close there was a sweet fragrance in the air and Annie announced that they would start prophetic ministry, instantly I realized the time was getting late and Juan and I should head out because we are both working early the next morning. As I grabbed his hand to signal we could sneak outside Annie asked our names and it felt like time stood still and the air became so thick, she began to unravel a 7 minute prophetic word straight from the throne of heaven that left the entire room in awe of God and left me crippled in tears in awe as I knew it was God! I clung to Juan and sobbed so hard that my glasses fell off my face. I remember seeing people praising God, crying with us, and hugging us in awe and excitement. 


I cant share the word that was given but I will say it was a directional word that set us in alignment with Gods plan, ignited our hearts with passion and set us on fire and I can honestly say since that day this fire has only grown more! Amen!! It was everything we needed and much more. That day Juan and I decided to pursue the words God had spoken that day and partner to see the fruition of that word manifest in our lives. See when a prophetic word is spoken it’s up to you to partner your faith and align yourself with that word. Juan and I had been around the prophetic before but never has a word so completely accurate been released over our lives before. THANK YOU JESUS


Over the next few weeks as we wrote out the word and pursued Jesus with every fiber our lives began to change right before our eyes, financial blessings, breakthroughs, goodness and favor followed us in the most profound ways. We were led through doors and opportunities we never even expected would be part of our lives, we traveled to places and met people that God orchestrated that changed our lives forever. It began to feel like God was leading every aspect of our lives with full control leading us to one incredible journey to the next! I believe that’s the life that God intends for all of us. 


So here we are December 4th 2018, and I am stepping into a new season in my life. Today just so happens to be the last day of my job at Wink Lash Lounge and the start of a position working for Momentum Ministries! Yes the same ministry that hosted the worship night Revival Co. last December!!! If you would have told me that night, that exactly to the date a year later I would become full time staff for this ministry I wouldn’t have believed it. See Juan and I planned on moving to California and thank God that once that word was spoken we sought the Lord and were led down this path. I can’t believe I get to live this life! The life that God has planned is so much better than the one I tried to plan myself! (STAY TUNED: I’ll be sharing more about Momentum Ministries and Revival Co. Worship Nights)


The purpose of this story is to encourage you to seek the Lord with all of your heart, with every fiber of your being. To pursue Jesus and his will and plan for your life. It’s easy to take control and seek after the things we want but when we seek after what the Lord has for us, all of his desires become your affections. He has a plan for you, a purpose for your life that is good!!! Yes you! You were pre-destined for greatness, created from love, and God wants to be involved in every detail of your life because you are his masterpiece. The very air in your lungs my beautiful friend means you are blessed beyond measure and that today has purpose.  I just want to encourage you to take some time to seek the Lord today to ask for his guidance and hand to lead the way while you give up full control. It may be the most freeing experience allowing the creator of the universe lead you down a path created especially for you doing the unthinkable. I love you, I pray this blesses you. To God be the glory forever and ever! Amen.

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11


You are WORTHY

Xo Aisha