Lindsey Farrah: AWE & WONDER

“Praise the Lord, oh my soul!” has been my anthem for the past week. And here’s why…


Recently, just for the past few days I have been officially unemployed. The job that I just had was absolutely a blessing and an answered prayer. I had been specific with God about what I was looking for in a job and everything that it provided was everything that I asked for. Praise God!

It was a position that I never saw myself doing or had interest in doing, until I had the interview and walked in the front doors of that building and peace just hit me, and it remained.

I was only there for a couple months until they were talking about layoffs. This honestly is something I have never gone through before and it’s one of the things you never think you would ever have to go through, until it happens.


Now let’s backtrack- it feels like it has been about a year, the Lord had placed this random stirring to go back to school, but specifically I felt I heard the Lord say ministry school. Now, hearing the word school, in general I am immediately turned off - LOL - school is just not for me. I went to college but did not graduate because of failing grades so I dropped out. (You can see where my hesitation comes from.) Ministry school is a whole other wonder. I mean I’ve heard plenty of stories from friends and pastors about ministry school, and they all sound amazing but I never thought it was ‘for me’. Given my past there is always a feeling of not being good enough, or qualified enough. But God calls us to be MORE THAN ENOUGH through HIM.


If you haven’t heard of Todd White, you ought to look him up! Todd White has been a huge impact from the beginning of my walk with Jesus, and it was all through YouTube. He recently introduced his Power and Love Ministry which is a four day training program to equip you to go out into the world and be the hands and feet of Jesus. When I heard he was coming to Michigan - I had to go! So Aisha and I went and I even had an opportunity to meet one of the speakers and good friend of Todd White Robbie Dawkins. Throughout Todd White and his team traveling, he was also bringing in more knowledge of the university that he was building in Texas, called Lifestyle Christianity University (LCU), and it is a ministry school. When I first heard of LCU, something shifted in me and there was automatically a desire to know more and a desire was planted in me to GO. I could not shake this feeling and the desire just grew more and more.

About a month ago, while still working at my previous job, I registered for LCU. God’s peace completely flooded over me in that moment and the excitement began to build. I began to continuously pray over this and give this to God asking everything that I needed He would provide. Mind you, I registered for LCU, but I had no money (and still have no money) to put down toward tuition. I have never been to Texas before. I don’t know anyone personally to possibly live with. Literally, I have nothing to provide for myself for this school. Oh! And did I mention the next semester starts in January…CRAZY RIGHT!

In the midst of praying and planning, I was let go from my job. It was devastating; I’m not going to lie. You are facing a situation where you have no income. Just because your income stops doesn’t mean your bills stop. But you know what the even crazier thing was…I felt God’s peace 10x more without having that job than I did with it. I know it doesn’t make sense to you because it doesn’t make sense to me, but above all else, I know who my God is, and He is WORTHY to be praised and exalted no matter what life decides to put in front of you. And you want to know the even crazier, crazier part!...the morning after I lost my job, my acceptance letter came in from LCU! Isn’t that wild?!


When I read the letter that I was ACCEPTED, I fell to my knees in thankfulness, and I just wept. I cried and cried and then started laughing and crying, haha, GOD IS SO GOOD! The awe and wonder that is coming from a situation that you may think is so defeating, so depressing, and truly makes you feel unwanted, God literally turns it around for His glory and turns it into GOOD.  HOW CAN HE NOT BE PRAISED?!

How could I possibly ignore this, and how could I possibly doubt that this desire didn’t come from God?! I hated school, to be honest; I wanted nothing to do with it ever again. But God had BIGGER plans. The desire of going to school being placed on my heart was not by accident. This is something the Lord had to take time on me with. My heart had to be softened and opened enough to receive ALL that He was going to do. And it was.

I am still unemployed - still looking for employment - and I am still planning on traveling to Texas to attend LCU for the spring semester. I have no income, I have no place to live in Texas, no job in Texas, but I do have God. I know that sounds cliché, but understand He is MORE THAN ENOUGH of ALL that you need. He truly is our provider and I believe I am about to walk into exactly what that looks like. I have no idea where all these things are going to come from or when or where they are going to take place, but isn’t that how our faith grows?... I believe whole heartedly that God has ALREADY taken care of all these things for me to attend LCU, and it will be abundantly more than what I could ever ask for. Call me crazy, call me unwise, whatever it is through all of this - all of the unknown -His PEACE has remained and it has been unexplainable. Our Heavenly Father wants to take care of us, and He will, no matter how defeated our situation may seem NOTHING is impossible for an ALL POSSIBLE God.

Beloved, I encourage you to take heart and TRUST in the Lord that He is GOOD and He will work ALL things together for your good. And just watch how He takes care of you. He loves you too much to leave you where you are. FROM GLORY TO GLORY. I believe whenever we are in similar situations like this where life just seems to be crushing us, comes a beautiful testimony of the goodness of our Father. This is not just for me; this is for all of you who will be a witness to what God does. And I can’t wait to share it with you. This is just the beginning.  I pray you are encouraged, and your heart is ready to receive and trust the Lord in ALL things.


You are so loved,