Megan Hallman: "GET UP AND MOVE: A Faith Journey"

Let me tell you a story of how I packed up my life in about five days to move to a new state 799 miles away… It all starts with a dream.

When I was 12 I went to Boston with my family for the first time. This was the first time I learned two major life things.

#1 You can fall in love with a city.

#2 There is so much more of the world to be seen.

*I also got pooped on by a bird for the first time, but let’s just move past that.

For the next 6 years, I dreamed of moving out of state. Not just to a different city, but to a different city, in a new state, in a new atmosphere. But once I turned 18 I realized, it’s a little difficult to actually do those things. Going to college out of state costs extra money. I ended up going to a local college, and saved money by living at home. I still came back to that dream though. I would travel and every city I went to, I thought, “Could I live here?” So once again I put my dream on hold. I had imagined I’d live inBoston for years. But as I became older, I thought maybe Chicago or Washington DC. I always prayed about this dream. While some people were looking at applying to teaching jobs in the area, I did too,but also looked at other states. I came to a point in my relationship with God where I stopped asking Him when I’d move and if it was right to, to wherever you send me, Lord, I will go. I had applied to out of state jobs during the summer of 2015 and actually had two different chances to move out of state. Once I actually got to it though, I fell into fear. I was scared I didn’t have enough money saved up or that I wasn’t following God’s plan. So I turned both down. Then I had an long-term position at an amazing school for an entire school year (which by the way, rarely happens forlong term subs) and then taught 2 years in my own room. These opportunities were completely, 100% God. I had so many doubts, fears and insecurities that God had to correct, rebuke and transform in me. My 2 years in Detroit taught me I could literally handle anything. But yet even on the most amazing days there, I still did not feel happy. I knew that I had a dream to move inside of me, and it was killing me staying in a place I knew I wasn’t supposed to stay in. Amazing moves of God were happening at my church and selfishly I wanted to be there for that. Plus I had friends here and family. Why would I want to leave them? But I reached a point around October of 2017 that I knew I would move for the next school year.


Whatever I did, I would move. I had to listen to the call God had placed upon my life. It wasn’t just a dream, but something from God. I have journals overseas, podcasts, prophecies that confirm time and time again that this is what I was supposed to do. So what changed this time? I had freedom when I told others I was looking out of state. I didn’t tell everyone, but I told my mentor, my close friends, my close coworkers. I felt God’s peace about it. I didn’t tell everyone, but I told people that I trusted to pray about it. I knew I wouldn’t back out in fear, but that God has given me a spirit of peace, love and sound mind. Now, you might be asking yourself: What happened to Boston? Well, imagine yourself at Outcry in 2016. It’s a huge worship concert. Elevation Church is singing, “Here as in Heaven.” I am on the floor of the Palace of Auburn Hills with one of my best friends, Aisha, singing my heart out. In that moment I thought, what if I went to Elevation Church? Like how awesome would it be to worship with a band like that every Sunday? In that moment it shifted from Boston to Charlotteor Raleigh. The more I looked into the area, the more I fell in love. Elevation Church had been a church I followed for years. I had read most of Pastor Steven’s books. I bought every album. I began to dream of being able to drive a few hours to the beach or the mountains. I wanted to drink sweet tea and eat Chick-fil-a. I applied. And applied and applied and applied. The summer of 2018 I applied and interviewed. I turned down offers and cried because I thought, Lord, why would you send me down south to a school worse off than the one I was at in Michigan? I look back on my journal entries from around July to August and they are almost all the same thing: God, I trust you, but nothing is really happening. But I trust you. But also should I start making a plan because what if nothing opens up. But I trust you and I love you. Every sermon, small group message and podcast kept being about how God is faithful in the waiting. I learned more about God and myself through the process of me saying yes to God than I would have ever realized. The process truly is what refines you and sets you up for the next step in life. Pastors have preached entire messages on this. Go check it out. On August 6th, 2018, I interviewed for 2 schools and actually got an offer that day for a teaching position in Raleigh, North Carolina. I could have said yes that moment, but I took the night to pray, worship, tell my parents and decide for sure.

Literally until that next morning, I finally stopped asking God if I really should move, and I said God is this of you? Is your hand upon this? And the peace I felt was unlike any other. I just knew this was it. It was time. I was ready. This also goes to show you that you only need faith of a mustard seed for God to move. I also had plans with one of my best friends, Aisha, for dinner that Monday. It’s crazy cause that Sunday we made plans, I just had this feeling. The God feeling that you know things are going to start coming together. Something big is about to happen. And it did! I said yes to Raleigh! I had already bookmarked some apartments, so I spent my days apartment searching, packing, and planning to move 799 miles away to my new city. My new principal said I didn’t need to be there for the first day of new teacher training, but once I actually started packing, I was like why wait? I know that there’s always so much to do at the beginning of the school year so I was ready to get started. Honestly it wasn’t until Thursday that I thought, oh man, this is actually happening. It’s literally all working out. I can actually leave this weekend. I had two good options for apartments from friends from the area helping me with info and my online research, and everything else was just falling into place.


On Friday, I packed up all of my belongings into a U-Haul and Saturday morning I left my childhood home on the best adventure I’ve ever had. Getting down here was the longest drive ever. Once here, I toured the inside of my current apartment and fell in love. It was the perfect location and price. We have a trail that connects to a lake and it’s so beautiful. The turtles here are huge and I love it. Some things sound so little, but that’s who I am. I’ve always been the person who finds joy in the little things. For a few years, I had lost that. I was trying to define myself in my career and making my life fit into this mold of what it’s supposed to look like. I am living right now in the life I prayed for. I am going to the church I’ve dreamed of attending for two years! I moved to a new city after dreaming of this for 14 years! I prayed for God to open a door teaching middle school math and He did! Keep praying, and pressing in to God. He will open doors that you couldn’t have even imagined being opened. Just like that I gave God my yes and moved in 1 week!

Let my story be testimony that the Lord is faithful!

-Megan Hallman

Aisha Diaz