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aisha diaz

WIFE. Missionary. Fashion Enthusiast. wRITER. minister. sPEAKER.


Hi my name is Aisha Diaz. 31 and married to an amazing man of God: Juan Diaz, and I am incredibly head over heels in love with Jesus. It wasn’t always that way…I mean we just met 6 years ago! I met Jesus and my entire life changed. He began to put together the pieces of my messy, alcohol addicted, drug abused, depressed life and truly gave me LIFE! As I began to know Jesus I began to know who he created me to be and now I live to share the love of  Jesus with the world! Im so happy that you are here, I pray each post blesses you and encourages you to get to know Jesus, your worth, and purpose; that is truly my heart. I desire to see women live in unity, encouraging each other in their faith, and living a life of freedom in complete surrender to God. That is Worthy Daughter;  so lets talk Jesus, lets live in unity and celebrate our sisters. Pretty much lets be besties! xoxo

Aisha Diaz


Photo Shot by: Makenzie Hollar Photography

Photo Shot by: Makenzie Hollar Photography